• Lee Hopkins

Time for the Pelvic clock

The pelvic clock is a fantastic exercise which if performed correctly can help improve how we squat, lunge, walk and move in general. It can also help improve lower back and knee pain.

The practice of the pelvic clock will also help you to understand even the more complicated movements and help you tune into a more subtle level of practice.

The pelvic clock is subtle Pilates exercise, which is typically carried out on a mat however, you can also perform this motion standing, sitting and all fours.

We will start lying down for this one.

Firstly, lie down on your mat with your feet flat and knees bent.

In your mind’s eye picture, a clock face lying flat at the lower part of your abdomen. Twelve o’clock is at your belly button, six o’clock is at the top of your pubic bone. Your hip bones are at nine and three. Next engage your abdominal muscles to move the pelvis only an inch or so in each direction using the abs and not the back.

Then see if you can orientate around a clock face beginning at 12 o’clock exhaling, inhaling to centre, 1 o’clock exhaling, inhaling to centre and so on and so forth.

You can practice both clockwise and anticlockwise feeling each part of the movement intrinsically and moving only a subtle amount each time.

You may practice lifting and lowering the pelvic floor as you move to each part of the clock face to enhance the process.

The pelvic clock is a brilliant exercise to help achieve flexibility and strength in the lower back, pelvic floor, and core in order to prevent pain and injury.

Further benefits to the pelvic clock exercise:

  • improved circulation to the pelvic organs

  • decreased tightness and stiffness in lower back (especially if you work in an office and are sat throughout the day)

  • increased pelvic movement

  • improved balance and alignment

This is a perfect exercise if you sit a lot throughout the day, cycle, play golf or if you are pregnant. It can also help those with pregnancy back pain (pre and post natal), digestive issues and other ailments.

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