one caucasian man exercising pilates exe


Even the greatest sports men and women, yogi's, performers and trainers have a helping hand. Someone to be accountable to and someone to help push them beyond their perceived limits.

'Its hard to see your own blind spot' Thats why its good to get a fresh perspective and another pair of eyes as well as a helping hand.

If you are investing in yourself you need to invest wisely.

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do." 


1-2-1 YOGA

Discover how to balance your mind and your body, improve energy, and enhance all areas of your life with a personal yoga practice, that is designed specifically around your needs.

one caucasian man exercising pilates exe


Re-balance your spine and strengthen your core muscles so you move more effortlessly with reduced pain and enhanced function.

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We all move differently and over time our habits and movements will reflect in our bodies.
Biomechanic, movement and posture screening prior to any exercise is essential to find out how to optimise your your bodies potential and eliminate risk.