Online Schedule

Seasonal Hatha Yoga

Monday 7pm til 8.15pm

Seasonal Yoga combines the nature of Hatha yoga with the energy of the season to up lift the bodies vital energy as well as develop strength and flexibility.

Baseline Pilates

Tuesday 9.30am til 10.30am

In this class we will focus on keeping everything down low! 
Releasing the deep muscles of the hips and the lower spine, improving mobility, as well as strengthening the muscles of the spine. 
This class is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to strengthen their own foundations.

Release and Restore Pilates

Thursday 9.30am til 10.30am

This is mixture of standing and floor work. 
The aim is to strengthen from the inside out and improve ROM (range of motion). This class will increase all over mobility with more focus to the upper body, shoulders and neck.

Roll, Release and Re-balance

Thursday 6pm til 7pm

This class will be a combination of foam rolling and trigger point release techniques to ease tight tissue and knotted muscle fiber along with (METs) muscle energy techniques to stimulate deep muscles of the body that hold our posture in check.
I have added some movement therapy techniques to help mobilize the nerves, combined with myofascial movements to open the body naturally.

Seasonal Yin Yoga

Thursdays 7.05pm til 8.05pm

Yin yoga is all about setting the mood and winding the body down.
Set the scene with candles, cushions, nice music and an hour to your self.
Unravel and unwind with this restorative practice.


How to book Online

1) Book your class via the link next to the class (see above). Once you have booked the class you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a zoom link to join the class. 

2) Download the Zoom application software onto your device from You will require a free account with Zoom to participate in my live online classes. If you don't have it (I would recommend leaving time for this so that you can avoid any last minute hiccups before class starts.) 

3) Click the link in the confirmation email or copy and paste it into your browser to join the meeting 5 minutes or so before. the class with your audio and video on so that I can say hello and make sure you can hear me. 


Spotify Playlists

Seasonal Hatha Yoga   ( Monday 7pm )

Baseline Pilates   ( Tuesday 9.30am )

Release and Restore Pilates   ( Thursday 9.30am )

Roll, Release and Re-balance  ( Thursday  6pm )

Seasonal Yin Yoga ( Thursday 7.05pm )

House keeping

1. I’ll be online 5 minutes before class so that we can still connect and chat before our session, really important at the moment.

2. Once the session starts, I / you will turn off your mics. Don’t worry you will still see and hear me. You just don’t need to hear each other.

3. I will not play music, just because of the sound quality/levels. There are some playlists pasted below if you have Spotify. 

Alternatively you can check out my Spotify page Lee Hopkins for more music and playlists. Sometimes, I enjoy practicing without music - don’t be afraid to try that out. 

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