• Lee Hopkins

3 key areas to mobilise

We are all prone to aches, pains, and some niggles now and again. Our bodies are amazingly robust, and I know I have put my body through the mill though this life and I’m often reminded to take it back to basics. Especially if injured or suffering a recuring long term issue.

Best advice I can give you is when it comes to optimising your bodies mechanics is to mobilize 3 areas EVERYDAY!



T spine (Thoracic spine)

If you keep these areas well mobilized, you can save yourself a lot of problems, especially if you are prone to recurring knee or lower back issues.

Yes, of course we would need to strengthen the relative areas of the body too but improving mobility around a certain joints will have a linking effect to other areas.

For example, if we want to improve knee issues we tend to focus on the ankles and hips.

If we want to improve lower back issues we focus on our hips and T spine.

3 simple mobility drills to perform everyday would be:

Ankle circles. Hip circles, and Thoracic rotations.

Ankle circles

Lie on your back with your knees bent.

Draw one knee to the chest and hug with both hands.

Circle ankle clockwise x 5 anti clockwise x 5

Repeat opposite side.

Hip circles

Place both feet flat on the floor.

Feet hip distance with your knees bent.

Hands rest front of hip bones.

Roll both knees side to side like windscreen wipers (rolling as far as you feel comfortable each way)

Roll a minimum of 5 x each way.

Thoracic rotations

Stay lying down with feet flat to floor.

Clasp hands Infront of your chest at arm’s length.

Keep elbows as straight as possible as you roll your upper body right side to left side.

Move as far as you feel comfortable bracing at abdominals and at neck to support the weight of the skull.

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