• Lee Hopkins

The 4-sign exercise

The 4-sign exercise is an MET (muscle energy technique) A low grade, low risk, static posture to help ease muscles from potential spasm.

A muscle in spasm for more than 6 weeks can turn fibrotic, where it has less ease and restricted movement.

In the long term this can imbalance your physical posture, causing a variety of different issues throughout the body.


- Lie on your back.

- Bend both knees and keep both feet on the floor.

- Make sure your head and neck are comfortable.

- Use a cushion or block behind the head for neck or lower back pain.

- Place the ankle of one leg across the other (in a figure 4 position)

- Gently press the ankle to the top of the thigh (as if you are turning your leg out.)

- Press 20% of your maximum effort.

- Hold for 20 seconds (keeping the tension even throughout)

- (Relax - Give the leg a shake)

- REPEAT x 4

- Stretch the glute muscles after for maximum benefit.

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