• Lee Hopkins


For those who attend my classes regularly you know that I rave on about this exercise as its fantastic for many reasons.

It addresses asymmetry in the body and can help with lower back pain, knee pain, balance, and pelvic alignment.


Typically performed using a bench or a step to challenge both range and stability but can be performed on the floor standing as you are.

- Stand neutral to begin with feet hip distance.

- Shift weight into one side and pull in naval.

- Balance on tip toe of the lightest side or lift knee for more balance.

- Pull hip upwards on the lightest side towards ribs.

- Release and drop hip down accordingly.

- Bend knee of weight bearing side to access more range.

- Repeat.

You can either choose to inhale or exhale as you perform the action.

Perform approx. 10/12 repetitions in one go

Then repeat on the opposite side.

This exercise focuses primarily on the Gluteus Medius (side bum) as well as other muscles such as the Quadratus Lumborum (lower back) The Latissimus Dorsi are involved (wide back muscles), As well as a myriad of stabilizers and synergist muscles.

It helps with knee stability as well as lateral (side) strength.

All in all a beautiful movement for the body to work with.

I will be focusing on the hip hitch this week in class, but I would also recommend that you add this movement to your practice for its many benefits.

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