• Lee Hopkins

Spinal mobility, Cat/Cow


This is such an underrated exercise, yet this is an absolute must for shoulder, spine, and hip mobility.

It’s one of my top three exercises to practice daily.

It’s so simple and it covers a lot of bases we need for optimum spinal movement and fluidity.

Remember that our body is based on balancing and pulling mechanisms.

One area can affect another.

Cat/cow benefits

Mobilises spine between flexion and extension with minimal load or compression.

Improves neck function and strength.

Improves shoulder mobility (Protraction and retraction)

Opens chest and improves lung function

Mobilises hips as it opens and closes pelvis anteriorly and posteriorly (front and back)

Helps movement of sacral spinal fluid, as moving the head and the pelvis together creates a pumping action which enhances its flow

Co-ordinates multiple actions at once helping the body to move more naturally and organically.

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