• Lee Hopkins

Breathing into the roots

As some of you will have encountered now in my classes of Yin and Hatha yoga, we are using a breathing technique called Breathing from the roots.

This practice involves sitting in a comfortable position with the spine straight and visualising the breath moving from the roots beneath you into the root chakra (mooladhara) and holding in the stomach (Manipura), before releasing the breath back down into the earth.

It signifies the rising of ‘yang’ energy in nature and is defined by the rising of the ‘sap’ within the tree.

It is a practice we perform in the springtime as it draws Pranic energy into the stomach (Manipura) which nourishes the organs or the Liver and Gall Bladder.

We begin by sitting in a yogic position of choice (typically with sit bones connected to earth)

The spine is straight with head tall.

Lift the tongue to the roof of the mouth and breath comfortably in and out through the nose.

Adopt the hand gesture called PRAN MUDRA (Thumb connected to ring and little finger).

This gesture enhances the energy of the ‘root’ (mooladhara).

As we inhale, visualise that you are drawing up from roots beneath your hips into the root of the body and into the belly (this signifies the trunk or the centre of the tree).

As you draw this energy upwards, begin to pull up the pelvic floor muscles and draw in the navel.

Imagine that this energy is intensifying in light, heat, and healing energy in the centre of the body.

Exhale slowly and release the energy downwards back into the roots softening the belly and the pelvic floor.

Repeat the breathing and visualisation for a duration of at least 3 mins, keeping the mind focused on the sensations of this technique preventing the mind from drifting elsewhere.

This is a very powerful technique that we would typically use this time of the year for optimum benefit.

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