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Improving posture, body and mind
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Movement Therapy classes

Yoga and pilates timetable


Pilates, posture and pain 

Pilates for Posture and pain management

Tuesday 10.45-11.45am

Pilates, balance and posture

Nuffield health


Tuesday 11.50-12.50am

Pilates, posture and strength

Nuffield health


Thursday 6.15-7.15pm

Pilates, posture and flexibility

The Wellbeing space 


Friday 12.05-13.05pm

Pilates, posture and mobility

Nuffield health 


Yoga and Mindfulness 

Monday 6.30-7.30pm

Hatha Yoga 

"Bringing you back to the mat; a strong class to fire up your week"

TheWellbeing space 


Tuesday 12.55-13.55pm

Yin Yoga 

"Balance your yang with a yin class to add depth and further insight to your practice"

Nuffield health 


Wednesday 6.30-7.45pm

Hatha Yoga

'A strong class, powerful class designed to tone and strengthen"

Nuffield health


Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

Hatha Yoga 

"Yoga asana for posture and strength"

The Wellbeing space


Friday 10.45-12.00pm

Hatha Yoga 

"A strong, traditional practice"

Nuffield Health 



Improved posture, boost energy, strengthen back and stomach muscles.

Become more stable and grounded, Improve flexibility and strength. 

Balance your mind and body and FEEL GOOD!

Take back your power and enjoy life. Move freely with less pain and get back to doing what you love! 

What do you need to do?

How We Got Here

Learn how to move better with less pain, strengthen your back, improve posture, stand taller, feel stronger, improve energy and enhance your posture for life



Word of Mouth

I have had the pleasure of training with Lee for a few years as a private one to one 

His knowledge of the body and mind always amazes me.

Recently I had put my back into spasm playing golf and could not move for a few days. Lee was able to release and manipulate areas and restored my function within one session

Lee is amazing at what he does


I contacted Lee regarding a re occuring shoulder issue that was effecting my training.  The posture screening made a lot of sense and highlighted the areas that needed attention. Lee then was able to produce a training plan to help rectify the issues and since then I've been pain free.  I see Lee once per month to make any adjustments to my own training (well worth the money) 
Awesome therapist and trainer 
Highly recommended

Justin C

Courtesy note to say thank you for a super course on 14th/15th Oct for Postural Analysis & Movement Correction, with Lee Hopkins. 

In terms of fitness CPD-related activities over recent years, this has been the most informative and professional session ever attended.  The very next day after the course, I introduced all of the PNF stretches practised over the weekend, to my 1-2-1 Pilates clients (and to my runner husband, who has the tightest hips & lower back ever!).  This practical experience has also enabled me to obtain a couple of new clients, as their needs extended beyond a ‘workout’ session, so overall this course has been invaluable to my continued learning, my business – and Mr McK!

Audrey M

 I just wanted to let you know I was totally blown away by the yoga course! It was fantastic! incredibly interesting and stimulating. Lee is a charismatic, knowledgeable, inspiring facilitator, tutor. It’s definitely one of the best courses I’ve ever done.

Paula B


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